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Swe Taw Pagoda

The Swe Taw Pagoda or “Buddha tooth relic pagoda” was constructed to enshrine a sacred Buddha tooth relic, believed to be one of the teeth of the Gautama Buddha who was enlightened some 2,500 years ago. The tooth was brought over from China in 1994 and enshrined in the pagoda for 45 days for Burmese Buddhists to pay homage. It is a unique pagoda with an interior that is decorated with Burmese arts and handicrafts.



Kyaik Waing Pagoda

5-minute drive towards the west from Wyne Hotel, Kyaik Waing Pagoda features many small golden stupas. The pagoda's circumambulating marble platform also features many interesting and mystic Burmese sculptures.

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Maha Pasana Cave

The Maha Pasana Cave, which translates to “great cave of stone,” is located to the north of the Kaba Aye pagoda. The cave is a replica to the cave by the same name in India, where the first Buddhist Synod or Great Council was held just some months after the Buddha underwent Parinirvana. During the sixth Buddhist Synod in 1954, 2500 monks converged on the cave to recite the words of the Buddha in Pali, the entire Tipitaka.

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