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Comfy Coffee Shop for check-in, check-out and everything in-between.


Allow our skilled baristas to make a fresh cup of your favorite espresso for daily caffeine need.

The Living Lounge at Wyne Hotel serves Lavazza, Italy's Favorite Coffee.

The Lavaza Gold Selection

A skillful blend of fine coffees with full intense flavor. Medium roast, very smooth & well balanced. Lavazza Gold selection is a premium Italian roasted espresso coffee.

Lavazza Gold Selection Espresso whole bean coffee is a blend made up of sweet Brazilian coffee beans, smooth Central American and fine Asian varieties. This roast lends itself to an espresso that is perfect for milk-based drinks and works well when paired with rich creamy desserts.


Refer to our barista for

our daily selection of

cakes and pastries.

The Living Lounge will update

our customers about our signature items in the coming days.

Living Lounge Menu

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